Basically pipes with a diameter between 10 and 400 mm and a material thickness of up to 600 mm can be cut. For larger workpiece diameters, STM and Maximator JET provides specific high gantry systems. The length of the workpiece is limited to the respective cutting tank while custom-made designs allow larger ranges at any time. A special feature of STM and Maximator JET is the processing of pipes and other volume components without a mechanical pipe rotation device: Workpieces are in this case positioned firmly on the work surface of the waterjet cutting system and cut directly. The height profile of the pipe or other arched components like dished ends is automatically taken into consideration and processed. Users of a 2D system can create vertical holes in pipes and arched components even without investing in a pipe rotation device. In combination with the 3D cutting heads of the STM and Maximator JET systems, sections can always be cut vertical to the workpiece surface or at an angle.

For sections on the pipe such as e.g. straight or slanted pipe connection holes, the straight and slanted cutting of pipe ends or sections on other rotationally symmetric components, STM and Maximator JET has developed a fully compatible pipe cutting device. Like all system expansions of STM and Maximator JET, it is fully integrated in the system, i.e. it is an interpolated axis that is integrated in the system control. Pipe cutting is also an integrated function of the STM cutting software and is perfectly easy to use. If a 2D system is combined with a pipe rotation unit, pipe ends can also be cut all the way.

The absolutely ideal way to process pipes and arched components is with the combination of a 3D system with a STM3D or I-HEAD cutting head and integrated pipe rotation unit. This enables any conceivable processing of these components.
Interested users can check out the performance of the varied pipe cutting functions of the STM and Maximator JET system without obligation at the brand-new STM test centre in Eben in Austria and at the waterjet cutting centre in Schweinfurt. Upon request, they will also be provided with a free system proposal including cost-benefit analysis and can test-cut individual workpieces free of charge. Those wishing to delve deeper into the subject, can participate in the new “hands on” workshops at the STM premises starting with the 2nd quarter of 2014 and learn every application and business economics trick directly on the machine.

STM is a leading supplier of waterjet cutting systems, based in Bischofshofen, Austria. For over 20 years, this well-established company has been developing modern production solutions, above all for the steel, aluminium, metal, plastic, stone, and glass industries, developments primarily characterised by efficiency, ease of use and resistance to wear. In addition to its pioneering technology and consistent quality standards, STM places special emphasis on an innovative full service. This way, the brand manufacturer ensures that its clients' individual production processes are continuously adapted to the latest requirements. STM has been working together with Maximator JET GmbH, its German partner in Schweinfurt in development and sales. Maximator JET uses STM systems because of their reliability and quality.

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